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Reservation from the site
guarantees you 5% discount from the standard rate.
The breakfast "buffet"
is included into
the cost of the room.
It is served at the
Cafe "Continent",
which is located
at the 3 floor of the Hotel.

There is one modern room and a bathroom.
Cost of the room
3500 rubles

There is one modern room with a bathroom.
The room is equipped with large bed, wardrobe, TV, telephone, writing-table, chairs and refrigerator.

* Price of room includes VAT.


       Check-out time - 12.00, Moscow time.

In case of delay in departure charge is taken in the following way:
          not more than 6 hours after checkout time - hourly charge;
          from 6 to 12 hours after checkout time - charge is for half the day;
          12 to 24 hours after checkout time - charge is for the full day.
If staying is less than a day (24 hours) charge is for the full day, regardless of check-in time.

Transfer (additional charge)::
Please inform us about the flight or train number , and we'll meet you.

Providing slippers and gowns (additional charge)

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