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Here, you may observe all beauties of sky and different planets. Legends will tell you about the stars, constellations, comet and so on. You will have a chance to see polar lights as if you were in far north. Special equipment and unusual special effects make you feel like at some time in the open space.
This event will be both exciting for kids and grownups.

Holy springs of Neberdzay

One of the interesting and wellknown places in the Caucasus mountain. You may see and taste water from natural springs, pray at chapels or simply observe mountains, woods and rivers. Your guide will tell you about flora in the foothills of the Caucasus. At Gornii village, you may also taste and purchase different honey sorts and some related products.


Amusement park Safari-Park: take a stroll by cable car to the top of Markotch ridge, take a walk near tigers, lions, bears and other animals in nature conditions.
Kids will enjoy and in another amusement park Captain Vrungel. And dolphin park is open year-round.


The resort village has a unique microclimate. There is house-museum of the famous writer Vladimir Korolenko. Cottage of writer built in 1909. This is a branch of the Gelendzhik History Museum.

Dolmens at the river Janet (65km)

These ancient burial structures were built in III II centuries b.c. They are the Bronze age monuments, typical for the coastal regions of Asia Minor, southern Europe, the Black Sea coast.

Valley of the lotuses and the mud baths near the Tizdar volcano (220km)

The excursion goes on the Taman peninsula: after a motor boat trip to valley lotuses in the estuary, the excursion continues at the Azov sea coast. You can see to Tizdar volcano, there you will also be able to take a mud bath.

Knight's tournament at the castle Lion's head

It is an astonishing theatrical performance. You will experience the atmosphere of middle ages. Tournament follows the main rules of that time. Metal weapons are used in fighting just like it was in the 8th century.

Tasting rooms and wineries Myskhako and Abrau-Durso

Excursions are held in the old wine cellars, where wine "ripens" and gains flavor. The guide will tell many interesting things about production of fine Russian wines and show you how to distinguish these fine wines from forgeries.

Horse riding on a mountain trail

Under the guidance of experienced instructors you will train in the skills of riding. You will be offered fascinating rides on horseback. The routes of various difficulty are in the picturesque places with unique landscape.

Ostrich farm

You have a unique opportunity to visit the farm where exotic birds are bred - African ostriches, emus, peacocks, pheasants and other amazing birds. You can feed the birds, buy some souvenirs from birds feathers. You can taste the ostrich-burger and ostrich fried eggs.


The territory near Shapshugskaya village is considered to be the anomalous zone. There are some dolmens and some small mud volcanoes there. Off-road cars will take you to the springs with dead and alive water, you will have a chance to see the Circle of eternity - one out of 180 in the world. According to eastern philosophy, such composition serves for meditation.